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About Artvi:

Josefina van den Brink is a Dutch artist born in Spain. Her art pieces are created with a lot of love and dedication. Every art piece is unique, made with small pieces of porcelain modeled by hand. One by one, with a lot of patience. That's why each piece of art has its own character. Her art pieces are ideal for home interiors.


She uses her fascination for the growth in nature to create images in which the vulnerable, fragile, of nature is recognizable but also the power and strength of nature is visible.


The dual aspect of destruction versus construction, despair versus hope and transience versus recovery are fascinating. Her personal style and construction technique show how complex and contradictory the world is that we live in. With her work she especially wants to make the beauty of the prime of life visible.

Josefina received her degree in ceramics from the Academy IKO in Belgium in 2012, after five years of studies.

Vase green close up.jpg
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